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An Auto-Updating Data URI Text Editor

tl;dr: Click this, type some stuff, watch the URL, and then come back if you’re curious as to what’s going on.

Add CSS Bookmarklet

New Blog Theme

I’ve been meaning to update my blog’s theme for a long time. I’ve had this current (well, the one before the current) one going for 2+ years. That’s way too long!

tmpltr – a Realtime Tinkertool for JSON Templating

tl;dr: tmpltr is a jsFiddle clone for realtime JSON templating.

Tacos for Dinner

Here’s a stupid thing I made. It’s like a screensaver, I guess, but in a browser… and with tweets about tacos flying out of a swinging taco, oh, and also the tweets are on tortilla chips and the background is … Continue reading

“My Name Is Tommy” Portfolio Refresh

Updated my portfolio after a year of stagnation. It’s a little more complicated than it needed to be; I was mostly just playing around with some new stuff.

SiteCycler – A Slideshow for Websites

BPaWPSH on GitHub

A year ago I made a stupid website called “Black People and White People Shaking Hands (dot com).” Its domain is about to expire and I have no intention of renewing it. (Contact me if you want it and I’ll … Continue reading


Here’s some code I wrote a long time ago but just recently released. It could still use some work, but it’s good enough to be put out there. Maybe other people can use it as a jumpoff for something neat?

Help Me Beta Test My New App, Romulist

I’m working on a new project, and I could use your help! It’s called Romulist, and it’s an application for monthly reminder emails.