How to Do Computer

It’s been online for awhile, but I think now it’s officially ready to be publicly unveiled:

Basically, it’s an experiment in passive income, rashly created after brainstorming ways I can conquer the internet without trying too hard or involving drugs, naked people, or naked drugs.

Ultimately, the goal is to make $10 a year to pay for the domain renewal. So far, I’ve made a penny, which is a pretty good start!

.1% Success! Huzzahs!

This is also my first time playing around with ads, which has been pretty fun.

want own business

Do I “want own business?” Hmmm… I don’t quite know exactly what that entails. I think I’m good?

Oh, one more thing… Computers, stocks, bonds, NASDAQ, black people and white people shaking hands, buzzwords, etc.

I’m sorry, internet, I had to.

  • Vince

    that made my day
    finally someone out there is teaching people how to do computer!!!

  • Toni

    i miss vince. :-(

  • I learned to do computers by your web site!