Musical Gold – A Summer Album

this isn't serious. it's a joke. do you get it? i don't.

Over the past ten weeks, I’ve been recording this album, making a new track each week. It is now finished, and it is ridiculous. Download it! Listen to it! Share it! Dance around and stuff! Use it in things! OK?! Awesome!!

1. Scott Is a Big Fat F*ck (And a F*cking Piece of Sh*t [You Motherf*uckers]) 3:41
2. Micky Deez Nuts and The Number of the Beast 7:52
3. 436 Girl 4:44
4. You Shook Me All Night Long 3:35
5. This Is Not the Song I Was Working On 1:57
6. Man Dancin (Alternate Take) 2:11
7. I’m Gonna Skool U (Mother F*cker) 2:08
8. If I Had My Drumset 2:53
9. Jodi and Creeps 2:16
10. Call Your Mom (With Special Guest Banter) 5:56

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