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Gimme Some Tunes

On a pretty regular basis at work, I have a conversation with my co-worker about money, how we like it, how we need it, and different ways we can get more of it without becoming drug dealers or flesh peddlers. … Continue reading

Best Girl

Hey! I made this today! “Best Girl” Those lyrics are super deep. Also, it’s hard to look masculine while playing the egg shakers. Here’s the MP3, if you want it. [edit] It looks like one of my friends Dugg this … Continue reading

Tommy and the Tommies – Tommy and the Tommies (A Self-Titled Album)

Here it is, as promised: Tommy and the Tommies… the self-titled album. These are the original tracks, as recorded in my makeshift apartment studio, with some of the live audio at the beginning for fun. They’re okay. Continue reading

Musical Gold – That’s Her Number (Meow Mix)

I really hate what YouTube does to your videos. I swear it didn’t look so gray and poopy before I uploaded it. Oh, well, what are you gonna do, huh? Anyway, this is a music video I had to make … Continue reading

Musical Gold – A Summer Album

Over the past ten weeks, I’ve been recording this album, making a new track each week. It is now finished, and it is ridiculous. Download it! Listen to it! Share it! Dance around and stuff! Use it in things! OK?! Awesome!! Continue reading