Tommy and the Tommies – Tommy and the Tommies (A Self-Titled Album)

Here it is, as promised: Tommy and the Tommies… the self-titled album. These are the original tracks, as recorded in my makeshift apartment studio, with some of the live audio at the beginning for fun. They’re okay.

Picture by my mom!

Download, share, burn, dance, and enjoy. Huzzah!

1. Malibu Stacy 2:05
2. Scott Is a Big Fat F*ck (And a F*cking Piece of Sh*t [You Motherf*uckers]) 2:20
3. Kicks 2:02
4. If I Had My Drumset 2:30
5. I’m Gonna Skool U 2:08
6. Snakes and Ladders 2:27
7. Stupidface 2:55
album cover art

Here it is in a big zip file if you want it in one go. It includes the cover art. It’s about 22mb, so use a download manager if you’ve got one.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

  • fr

    It’s good to see that other people are giving their recordings away for free via the internet. I’m doing the same thing at I think I’m in the same city as well…. Muncie?

  • tommy

    correct, mr. frizz. muncie funcie.

    more musicians need to release music for free online. fo sho. the internet is finally allowing artists to circumvent corporate interests and bring their content straight to the people… of course, all too often, people don’t realize the good stuff in life isn’t always on MTV or the radio… but that’s just something we’ll all have to work harder to change.

  • bri

    hey, Where is the vid from your performance?

  • tommy

    it’s coming, brianna. i need to normalize the audio. i’ll put it up this weekend, hopefully.