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Here’s some code I wrote a long time ago but just recently released. It could still use some work, but it’s good enough to be put out there. Maybe other people can use it as a jumpoff for something neat?

Tommy and the Tommies Concert DVD

The DVD I made last year of my Tommy and the Tommies show is now available to download as a disc image with rad menus and a hidden encore. Get it up in here: http://tommyandthetommies.com/dvd Oh, and let me know … Continue reading

Best Girl

Hey! I made this today! “Best Girl” Those lyrics are super deep. Also, it’s hard to look masculine while playing the egg shakers. Here’s the MP3, if you want it. [edit] It looks like one of my friends Dugg this … Continue reading

Stock Photography is Face-Punchingly Lame

More specifically, companies using stock photography to represent themselves is face-punchingly lame. Nothing says “I’m really just one guy with a Dell” than a web design firm with any picture anything like this: No, she does not work for you. … Continue reading

Tommy and the Tommies – “Kicks” and “If I Had My Drumset”

Oh, hey, here’s some more of these videos from that thing I did a long time ago. This one is called “Kicks,” and it may or may not be about some shoes. Too slow to load? Try the standard quality … Continue reading

Tommy and the Tommies – “Malibu Stacy”

I told some friends I’d start to upload these videos, so here goes. This was the first song in the set. It’s called “Malibu Stacy.” Too slow to load? Try the standard quality version. I’ll post them as I upload … Continue reading

Tommy and the Tommies – Tommy and the Tommies (A Self-Titled Album)

Here it is, as promised: Tommy and the Tommies… the self-titled album. These are the original tracks, as recorded in my makeshift apartment studio, with some of the live audio at the beginning for fun. They’re okay. Continue reading

Tommy and the Tommies

Well, folks, Tommy and the Tommies was last night, and I think I’d deem it a success. There were a couple mess-ups and we barely got the tech working, but I think it all worked out.