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SplitFrame is a bookmarklet I wrote for work to compare two different instances of a site. Usually, I’ll use it to compare my development instance against deployed. SplitFrame’s main selling point is that as the left frame is navigated, the … Continue reading

Passing the OneFileCMS Torch

It’s the nature of making that, as time goes on and mental bandwidth throttles, some projects must fall by the wayside. OneFileCMS, my first project to get any real attention, is one of them. That’s why I’m so glad to … Continue reading


BPaWPSH on GitHub

A year ago I made a stupid website called “Black People and White People Shaking Hands (dot com).” Its domain is about to expire and I have no intention of renewing it. (Contact me if you want it and I’ll … Continue reading


Here’s some code I wrote a long time ago but just recently released. It could still use some work, but it’s good enough to be put out there. Maybe other people can use it as a jumpoff for something neat?