This is my little attempt at a needlessly prettified GitHub profile… It’s mostly so I can rest easy knowing my pages apps’ root is something that will tie them all together hierarchically.

Technical Tidbits

  • Apple-ish black linen texture from Subtle Patterns lazily base64’d right into style.css
  • Lots of pseudo selecting table elements to get them to look nice
  • Bitter serif font via Google Webfonts
  • Uses jQuery, h5bp, json2, mustache, and -prefix-free
  • Most of the HTML and CSS written with tmpltr
  • Message and Follow buttons are placebos that just link to the normal profile page because:
    • On the GH main site, URIs for following exist but are handled with Ajax and so don’t degrade. That’s probably rightfully a very low priority.
    • Messaging is handled with plaintext email addresses, normally only visible if you’re logged in. BUT their API shows them w/o authentication. I’m still hesitant about mailto: links being anywhere near me…
  • Data stored w/ localStorage to hopefully minimize requests
  • Open your JS console to watch the async functions make their requests
  • URL params for testing other users and cache.

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