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An experiment to write a “free form” calculator with variables. I say “experiment”, because it’s sort of technically dangerous to allow that sort of thing and should be used with caution!


SplitFrame is a bookmarklet I wrote for work to compare two different instances of a site. Usually, I’ll use it to compare my development instance against deployed. SplitFrame’s main selling point is that as the left frame is navigated, the … Continue reading

Heinlein Slot Machine

Fun Fun Records

Quick and Dirty Word Frequency Analysis with JavaScript

A Couple Handy Bookmarklets


Here now, a quick script to count event occurrences* in real time, without resorting to archaic tally marks. * What, you ask? Oh, anything, I suppose. Speech disfluencies, annoying sounds, the number of times I think about Dorito shell tacos … Continue reading



An Auto-Updating Data URI Text Editor

tl;dr: Click this, type some stuff, watch the URL, and then come back if you’re curious as to what’s going on.