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A Couple Handy Bookmarklets

Add CSS Bookmarklet

Make Your Own Bookmarklets With jQuery (Smashing Magazine)

I wrote an article for Smashing Magazine and it went live last night. It’s about writing JavaScript bookmarklets using the jQuery framework. Go read it! Your brain will get wrinklier. Link: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/05/23/make-your-own-bookmarklets-with-jquery/ [5/25/10] Another coder gent wrote a similarly titled … Continue reading

WordPress Admin Toolbar Bookmarklet Update

I’ve updated my WP bookmarklet thing to support WordPress installations in folders rather than the root. Link: http://iamnotagoodartist.com/other/wordpress-admin-toolbar-bookmarklet/

WordPress Admin Toolbar Bookmarklet

Bookmark this and/or drag it into your bookmark toolbar: WP Toolbar What it is A JavaScript bookmarklet for WordPress site administrators and designers. What it does: Using jQuery, it appends the default WordPress admin menu to whatever page you’re currently … Continue reading

YouTube Video ID Bookmarklet

youtube_id Drag it to your bookmark toolbar and click it while on YouTube to get a prompt of the open video’s ID. Of course, it returns nothing if you aren’t watching any videos. This is really only useful when you’re … Continue reading

RoBump Lives!

I made this this morning and am very pleased with myself. RoBump Lives! What is it? It’s a bookmarklet to have my favorite robot, RoBump, walk across your browser! Drag the link into your bookmark toolbar like I have to … Continue reading