RoBump Lives!

I made this this morning and am very pleased with myself.


RoBump Lives!

What is it? It’s a bookmarklet to have my favorite robot, RoBump, walk across your browser! Drag the link into your bookmark toolbar like I have to enjoy it wherever you are on the internet!


  • It’s animated using the jQuery JavaScript library; props to Ben Alman for his jQ bookmarklet loader.
  • It doesn’t install anything on your browser or computer and can be called from any place on the internet.
  • Made to time best with a browser 1440px wide; may walk funny in windows sized differently.
  • Reminds me of those emails people used to FWD me in junior high. (“Send this to 10 other people and a unicorn will dance on your screen! I DID IT IT WORKED!!”)

Lastly, this post marks my 100th post to this site, so I guess I’m, like, officially a blogger now. Or something.

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