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I Hooked Up My Scanner Again…

…and am not quite sure what’s going on…

Abandoned Projects: Magnetbot

The collection of powerful, tiny magnets on my fridge says I may come back to this one someday… I like how I always second-guess my math. In other news, there’s now an Archives page.

Hi, Let’s Be Friends!

Abandoned Projects: Paperbot

I have a tendency to get really passionate about things. I also have a tendency to be easily distracted. Combine these two tendencies and you’ve got a short stack of unfinished ideas and half-baked ventures. Thus, this new series on … Continue reading

RoBump Lives!

I made this this morning and am very pleased with myself. RoBump Lives! What is it? It’s a bookmarklet to have my favorite robot, RoBump, walk across your browser! Drag the link into your bookmark toolbar like I have to … Continue reading

Purple and Red

Named so for lack of a better idea. Drawn with ink, colored with Photoshop.

Dino Tweets

Here’s the product of my experimentation with SimplePie, a PHP class for parsing RSS feeds. http://dinotweets.iamnotagoodartist.com/ It’s called “Dino Tweets” and it collects the six most recent, public, English Twitter tweets containing the word “dinosaurs” and displays them next to … Continue reading

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Make, make it smaller. I promise I work on things besides hastily-crafted-looking little robot guys, but nothing’s done enough to write about.

Wirebot Prototype

Prototype for a “Wirebot” toy made form terra cotta, acrylic paint, glaze, and wire. Since this picture was taken, its right arm has fallen off. Terra cotta, while cheap, has got nothing on Sculpey… especially since I don’t have a … Continue reading

Alpha x in Clay

This particular model, x, has been on this site before, though he/it looked slightly different.