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If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Make, make it smaller. I promise I work on things besides hastily-crafted-looking little robot guys, but nothing’s done enough to write about.

Wirebot Prototype

Prototype for a “Wirebot” toy made form terra cotta, acrylic paint, glaze, and wire. Since this picture was taken, its right arm has fallen off. Terra cotta, while cheap, has got nothing on Sculpey… especially since I don’t have a … Continue reading

Alpha x in Clay

This particular model, x, has been on this site before, though he/it looked slightly different.

Handsome Hansel

I made this little guy for my girlfriend over the weekend. His name is Hansel, and he is in some serious agony.   He’s a smidge under 4″ tall but would be about 6″ if he didn’t slouch so bad. … Continue reading


I made this for my mom, who is visiting this weekend. Hooray for moms! Like the other ones, he’s made out of Sculpey, wire, and foil. Click him to make it bigger.

Monkey Bear

My friend’s birthday was the other day, so I made her this little guy. It started out as a weird, skinny teddy bear but ended up as a weird, deranged monkey thing. He’s a little less than five inches tall … Continue reading

It’s A Duck!

I made my girlfriend this little duck figurine for Christmas. He’s maybe three inches tall and is made out of Sculpey and some wire and aluminum foil. He’s pretty cool. Clicking on the image will make it much larger, but … Continue reading