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Pop-Up Book/Card Prototype Thing

Found this today while going through some old things. (I’m moving tomorrow!) It’s a guy with a beak mouth in a hat, if you couldn’t tell. On the front it says: 10-27-07 Toni is out Halloween partying and I am … Continue reading

Tommy Got a Piano Today

Apologies if you don’t care about this and/or if I haven’t posted enough drawings of robots in awhile. I promise it wasn’t on purpose! Continue reading


A t-shirt design I made for my gf last night. From this original, blurry pic of her cat, Remi:

Hansel Memo Pads

My girlfriend, in a never-ending quest to take cooler classes than me when I was in college, made me some memo pads with a Flash tracing of Hansel on them for a Comp Apps Graphic Arts assignment. Coolio.

iamnotagoodartist Stickers

My fantastic girlfriend made me these iamnotagoodartist robot stickers for her flexography class. They are from a design I drew in Flash, are three inches in diameter, and very well may be the best stickers ever printed. Want some? Contact … Continue reading

Best Girl

Hey! I made this today! “Best Girl” Those lyrics are super deep. Also, it’s hard to look masculine while playing the egg shakers. Here’s the MP3, if you want it. [edit] It looks like one of my friends Dugg this … Continue reading

Sense and Sensibility

My girlfriend’s birthday was earlier this month and I had no money to buy her something. So what did I get her? A book! That I made! With text I got on the internet! For free! Legally! The book was … Continue reading


I made myself a sketchpad the other day from some index cards my girlfriend gave me and some curious book binding glue stuff my mom gave me. It’s pretty rad. I’m gonna keep it in my back pocket and try … Continue reading

Handsome Hansel

I made this little guy for my girlfriend over the weekend. His name is Hansel, and he is in some serious agony.   He’s a smidge under 4″ tall but would be about 6″ if he didn’t slouch so bad. … Continue reading