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Close Your Mouth

Here’s my entry to Stuff No One Told Me‘s contest. Didn’t win, still fun.

Talk to Me!

Nerdiness: I need to redesign this website…

Please do not laugh at me…

Go to Sleep!

Midnight on a weekday is really late for me. I’m an old guy.

Hi, Let’s Be Friends!


A t-shirt design I made for my gf last night. From this original, blurry pic of her cat, Remi:

Hansel Memo Pads

My girlfriend, in a never-ending quest to take cooler classes than me when I was in college, made me some memo pads with a Flash tracing of Hansel on them for a Comp Apps Graphic Arts assignment. Coolio.

Pigtopus v1.0

AKA logo mockup failure.