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How has this sat in my dropbox for so long w/o being on here? I’m sorry! Greetings from TX.

Help Me Beta Test My New App, Romulist

I’m working on a new project, and I could use your help! It’s called Romulist, and it’s an application for monthly reminder emails.


This project didn’t take off like I wanted it to and Italian domain names are expensive… So I let it die. If you have any interest in taking its reigns, contact me. BigImg.it (pronounced “big image it”) is an image … Continue reading


Movie Monster


Hey! This site doesn’t exist anymore. It had a good run.

The Misunderstoods

The Misunderstoods are a “collection of young…well relatively young actors, comedians, filmmakers, scholars, waiters, Web PR sales associates, athletes, lovers, haters, activists, bigots, musicians, dreamers, and all around fun people.” They hail from New York and LA and recently garnered … Continue reading

Droste Effect GIFs

I made these Droste effect animations and put them on the Something Else boards long, long ago… Some were Photoshop collabs. All were animated in Flash. Click on on them to see any pixels that may have gotten cut off. … Continue reading

iDMAa Ducky Bump

Made by me and my co-worker Ben (who did, like, 90% of the actual work) using clay, Photoshop, and After Effects.