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Droste Effect GIFs

I made these Droste effect animations and put them on the Something Else boards long, long ago… Some were Photoshop collabs. All were animated in Flash. Click on on them to see any pixels that may have gotten cut off. … Continue reading

A 3mb Animated Gif

I posted this on the Something Else forums long ago and forgot about it… Also, this marks the first time I’ve ever posted two things on the same day, rather than just waiting till the next day to post the … Continue reading


Woah, buddy, I haven’t posted on here in awhile. What have I been working on? I’ll tell you! We used to have this game on the Something Else forums where we’d collectively write a cheesy romance story, with each person … Continue reading

This Shit Happened on the Internet

Today’s episode of “This Shit Happened on the Internet” takes its dialogue from a forum conversation and features a guy named Michael, whom I totally didn’t trace.

“Hey… You’re Not Dave Chappelle…”

A hastily-crafted “proof of concept” cartoon I made last year for Something Else: What a hack.

The Last Mullet

The sketch comedy group I’m in, Something Else, made a short film called “The Last Mullet.” We put it online last week. Watch it here at Vimeo. “In a world where the mullet has been outlawed, one man stands up … Continue reading

Beer Flakes

Here’s a quick animation of a character I made for the last two seconds of a sketch. Huzzah! Stars all around!

RoBump Wallpaper

This is the wallpaper on my desktop currently. It features RoBump, a robot who loves to dance but falls apart too easily. I’m a big fan of his work. Clicking = making bigger. The resolution is 1280×800, but feel free … Continue reading

Logo Lovin

This is a little old. I helped make the music. Hoorah!

Brad Neely is Stealing My Ideas Probably

Brad Neely is an artist, animator, and contributor to SuperDeluxe.com. His work is fun, absurd, and most often hilarious. I’ve often wondered whence he gets his ideas, but then I figured it out… This is a frame from his cartoon … Continue reading