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How has this sat in my dropbox for so long w/o being on here? I’m sorry! Greetings from TX.

Droste Effect GIFs

I made these Droste effect animations and put them on the Something Else boards long, long ago… Some were Photoshop collabs. All were animated in Flash. Click on on them to see any pixels that may have gotten cut off. … Continue reading


Thus begins the new tag archive “things-found-on-my-hard-drive.”

iDMAa Ducky Bump

Made by me and my co-worker Ben (who did, like, 90% of the actual work) using clay, Photoshop, and After Effects.

A 3mb Animated Gif

I posted this on the Something Else forums long ago and forgot about it… Also, this marks the first time I’ve ever posted two things on the same day, rather than just waiting till the next day to post the … Continue reading

“Hey… You’re Not Dave Chappelle…”

A hastily-crafted “proof of concept” cartoon I made last year for Something Else: What a hack.

“Addicted to Love” Legs

This is what I was looking for last week when I was searching for something to put on the site. It’s not new, I know, but it’s still cool in my book. It’s a motion-tweened, rotoscoped pair of lady’s legs … Continue reading

Coolmongous – “I Am a Small Family”

Two updates in two days?! Blasphemy! I played it in between some songs in my show the other day. It’s part of a series.

Fake G&M iTV Commercial

Here’s a fake* commercial I made for my Interactive TV class. I edited the images in Photoshop then animated them in After Effects. The voiceover is pretty horrible; I just used my laptop’s built-in mic. Oh, well. You can’t have … Continue reading

Beer Flakes

Here’s a quick animation of a character I made for the last two seconds of a sketch. Huzzah! Stars all around!