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I found this today in the “My Documents” folder salvaged from my old Dell. It’s pretty old. If I remember correctly, I hastily made it for a Photoshop class out of pictures hastily taken for a Photography class. I think … Continue reading

Fake G&M iTV Commercial

Here’s a fake* commercial I made for my Interactive TV class. I edited the images in Photoshop then animated them in After Effects. The voiceover is pretty horrible; I just used my laptop’s built-in mic. Oh, well. You can’t have … Continue reading

What I Drew On My Hand Today

Class was boring, I guess.

Fruit Man

This is an interpretation of myself made of googled vegetation made for class and then made better for this site. Its title is a bit of a misnomer. Click him to enlarge him. He likes that.


Yeah, I don’t get it… but I did get a B on it. Even Shakespeare had to pay the bills…