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Here’s some code I wrote a long time ago but just recently released. It could still use some work, but it’s good enough to be put out there. Maybe other people can use it as a jumpoff for something neat?

Movie Monster

The Misunderstoods

The Misunderstoods are a “collection of young…well relatively young actors, comedians, filmmakers, scholars, waiters, Web PR sales associates, athletes, lovers, haters, activists, bigots, musicians, dreamers, and all around fun people.” They hail from New York and LA and recently garnered … Continue reading

Test, test! Claymation Test!

I helped my co-worker make this today. We have neat jobs.

Pop-Up Book/Card Prototype Thing

Found this today while going through some old things. (I’m moving tomorrow!) It’s a guy with a beak mouth in a hat, if you couldn’t tell. On the front it says: 10-27-07 Toni is out Halloween partying and I am … Continue reading

YouTube Video ID Bookmarklet

youtube_id Drag it to your bookmark toolbar and click it while on YouTube to get a prompt of the open video’s ID. Of course, it returns nothing if you aren’t watching any videos. This is really only useful when you’re … Continue reading


After a couple months of work and a last minute (but much needed) hosting switch, my latest project has been unleashed upon the internet. Say hello to Studio8.net’s brand new, WordPress-powered site: http://www.studio8.net/

Beeftrain 2.0

I’ve updated the old Beeftrain Incident site to run on WordPress, lovingly dubbing it “Beeftrain 2.0.” It comes complete with an index page video box (a la the P! Company), an organized video category listing, non-IE-compliant PNG drop shadows, and … Continue reading


Wasting some ink and passing the time while rendering out some color corrections. You know, that old chestnut. I ran into my old professor and pseudo-mentor, Mr. Higgs, as I was leaving work earlier. It was good to see him. … Continue reading

Tommy and the Tommies – “Kicks” and “If I Had My Drumset”

Oh, hey, here’s some more of these videos from that thing I did a long time ago. This one is called “Kicks,” and it may or may not be about some shoes. Too slow to load? Try the standard quality … Continue reading