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Beeftrain 2.0

I’ve updated the old Beeftrain Incident site to run on WordPress, lovingly dubbing it “Beeftrain 2.0.” It comes complete with an index page video box (a la the P! Company), an organized video category listing, non-IE-compliant PNG drop shadows, and … Continue reading

Untitled Moleskine Pattern

I think I may just fill the whole book with these sorts of things. It’s pretty relaxing, and filling a page with ink is a welcome distraction from staring at glowing screens all day. The aforementioned Beeftrain Incident site is … Continue reading

A Chimp Humping a Football

I actually made this awhile ago for the Beeftrain Incident guys. Strange, strange, strange.

The Beeftrain Incident

I made a site for some friends of mine in a sketch comedy group called the Beeftrain Incident. Don’t ask what their name means, I don’t know and I don’t think they do either. The screenshot is from the Media … Continue reading