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Scales and Bubbles

Upon closer inspection, I need to use only one pen from start to finish and, embarrassingly, I’ve been dating everything a year in the past. I’m a time traveler? In other news, I got a new job today which will … Continue reading

Untitled Moleskine Pattern

I think I may just fill the whole book with these sorts of things. It’s pretty relaxing, and filling a page with ink is a welcome distraction from staring at glowing screens all day. The aforementioned Beeftrain Incident site is … Continue reading


Simple, yet surprisingly satisfying. I’m drinking tons of coffee and settling in for a long weekend of work, trying to get the new Beeftrain site launched by Monday. More info on that and the other projects I’ve been working on … Continue reading

Arrow Quilt

Laying down some ink in the moleskine my brother got me for Christmas.