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Heinlein Slot Machine

Fun Fun Records

Cleaner Netflix CSS


Here now, a quick script to count event occurrences* in real time, without resorting to archaic tally marks. * What, you ask? Oh, anything, I suppose. Speech disfluencies, annoying sounds, the number of times I think about Dorito shell tacos … Continue reading



Add CSS Bookmarklet

New Blog Theme

I’ve been meaning to update my blog’s theme for a long time. I’ve had this current (well, the one before the current) one going for 2+ years. That’s way too long!

tmpltr – a Realtime Tinkertool for JSON Templating

tl;dr: tmpltr is a jsFiddle clone for realtime JSON templating.

Tacos for Dinner

Here’s a stupid thing I made. It’s like a screensaver, I guess, but in a browser… and with tweets about tacos flying out of a swinging taco, oh, and also the tweets are on tortilla chips and the background is … Continue reading