Tacos for Dinner

Tacos For Dinner

Here’s a stupid thing I made. It’s like a screensaver, I guess, but in a browser… and with tweets about tacos flying out of a swinging taco, oh, and also the tweets are on tortilla chips and the background is parallaxed taco ingredients.

Just click: http://tacosfordinner.com/

Stack, Tech, etc

Originally needlessly written in Node but rewritten to just be normal JavaScript.

Works best in Webkit browsers. Does okay in Firefox* if you’ve got a lot of memory. Obviously doesn’t work in browsers without good CSS3 support, but should degrade anticlimactically.

* Oddly enough, I wrote the CSS with Firefox and had animations running on pseudo-elements, but it turns out that isn’t supported in Webkit. By the time I figured that out and started worrying about semantics, I decided it was time to throw in the towel. Anyway, the taco image has some super minor parallaxing in Firefox.

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