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Cleaner Netflix CSS

Shipped to the Internet

Font: Carton


My girlfriend and I are at the airport. There are men in nice suits there, waiting for their flights. “I want you to be so rich you can wear suits like those,” she says. “I want to be so rich … Continue reading

Seems Pretty Fair

You know you’ve made it when some shady bro has a budget of potentially three figures to clone something you’ve made.

Creative Manchild

There’s A Sticker On My Computer!

Courtesy of Bear Kid, who makes cool things you can buy.

Make Your Own Bookmarklets With jQuery (Smashing Magazine)

I wrote an article for Smashing Magazine and it went live last night. It’s about writing JavaScript bookmarklets using the jQuery framework. Go read it! Your brain will get wrinklier. Link: [5/25/10] Another coder gent wrote a similarly titled … Continue reading

PP4L (Pen Pals For Life)

I promise I’m working on actual things and will post about them as soon as they come to fruition. kthxbai.

WordPress Admin Toolbar Bookmarklet Update

I’ve updated my WP bookmarklet thing to support WordPress installations in folders rather than the root. Link: