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Cat Vacation

Best security camera ever. Continue reading

Hydroponic Grass

I rigged up a hydroponics experiment in a pickle jar before I left for vacation two weeks ago… Inyofayce, soil!

Abandoned Projects: Magnetbot

The collection of powerful, tiny magnets on my fridge says I may come back to this one someday… I like how I always second-guess my math. In other news, there’s now an Archives page.

Pardon the Dust…

It’s Theme Switch Weekend! More details later!

Love, the Dragon

Why you should always opt to write a “special message” when ordering something for yourself online: Sometimes they’ll even print it on a special little card, perfect for long strings of bad words.

Abandoned Projects: Things with Googly Eyes on Them

Just over a year ago, I had the brilliant idea to start a blog of pictures of “things with googly eyes on them.” About a week ago, the domain I had purchased,, expired. Needless to say, it was blank … Continue reading

Pop-Up Book/Card Prototype Thing

Found this today while going through some old things. (I’m moving tomorrow!) It’s a guy with a beak mouth in a hat, if you couldn’t tell. On the front it says: 10-27-07 Toni is out Halloween partying and I am … Continue reading

I Scanned an Old T-Shirt…

…and made it my new desktop wallpaper. That, friends, is the bull, an animal that Spaniards love to make big signs of, get chased by, kill, and put on souvenir shirts for me to buy.

Abandoned Projects: Paperbot

I have a tendency to get really passionate about things. I also have a tendency to be easily distracted. Combine these two tendencies and you’ve got a short stack of unfinished ideas and half-baked ventures. Thus, this new series on … Continue reading

WordPress Admin Toolbar Bookmarklet

Bookmark this and/or drag it into your bookmark toolbar: WP Toolbar What it is A JavaScript bookmarklet for WordPress site administrators and designers. What it does: Using jQuery, it appends the default WordPress admin menu to whatever page you’re currently … Continue reading