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Tommy Got a Piano Today

Apologies if you don’t care about this and/or if I haven’t posted enough drawings of robots in awhile. I promise it wasn’t on purpose! Continue reading

The Internet is Crazy

Got this in my box this morning: Thanks, man! That’s awesome! What he’s talking about: Best Girl

YouTube Video ID Bookmarklet

youtube_id Drag it to your bookmark toolbar and click it while on YouTube to get a prompt of the open video’s ID. Of course, it returns nothing if you aren’t watching any videos. This is really only useful when you’re … Continue reading

RoBump Lives!

I made this this morning and am very pleased with myself. RoBump Lives! What is it? It’s a bookmarklet to have my favorite robot, RoBump, walk across your browser! Drag the link into your bookmark toolbar like I have to … Continue reading

Trading Stickers with Google

I sent in for some free stickers from Gmail awhile ago, giving them one of mine in return. Yesterday, they posted a blog entry setting a deadline for requests with some pics of the stuff they’ve gotten in return. Look … Continue reading

Sense and Sensibility

My girlfriend’s birthday was earlier this month and I had no money to buy her something. So what did I get her? A book! That I made! With text I got on the internet! For free! Legally! The book was … Continue reading

Take that, Osama Bin Laden!

Yes, that’s right. As of today, 10-2-08, I am the #1 large image Google result for “terrorism.” Osama bin Laden? More like “Shmoshmama shmin Shmashen!” Am I right?! Original post here. “Take That” tag archive here.

Stock Photography is Face-Punchingly Lame

More specifically, companies using stock photography to represent themselves is face-punchingly lame. Nothing says “I’m really just one guy with a Dell” than a web design firm with any picture anything like this: No, she does not work for you. … Continue reading

Take that, Giuseppe Arcimboldo!

Oh, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, you “Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of such objects as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books!” You really thought you could stand up against Pshhah! Everyday, someone comes to my … Continue reading

My Room, Two Years Ago

I found this on my hard drive while looking for something to update the site with. It’s a scrolling image of a 360 panoramic of my old room, in the apartment before the apartment before my current apartment. In other … Continue reading