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Thus begins the new tag archive “things-found-on-my-hard-drive.”

Abandoned Projects: Magnetbot

The collection of powerful, tiny magnets on my fridge says I may come back to this one someday… I like how I always second-guess my math. In other news, there’s now an Archives page.

Abandoned Projects: Things with Googly Eyes on Them

Just over a year ago, I had the brilliant idea to start a blog of pictures of “things with googly eyes on them.” About a week ago, the domain I had purchased, thingswithgooglyeyesonthem.com, expired. Needless to say, it was blank … Continue reading

Abandoned Projects: Paperbot

I have a tendency to get really passionate about things. I also have a tendency to be easily distracted. Combine these two tendencies and you’ve got a short stack of unfinished ideas and half-baked ventures. Thus, this new series on … Continue reading