Make Your Own Bookmarklets With jQuery (Smashing Magazine)

I wrote an article for Smashing Magazine and it went live last night. It’s about writing JavaScript bookmarklets using the jQuery framework. Go read it! Your brain will get wrinklier.


[5/25/10] Another coder gent wrote a similarly titled but slightly different post on his blog, Latent Motion. A little confusing, but we’re cool and his article is worth a read too. The webdev community is interestingly smaller and closer than we might think it is.

  • Sambit Mishra

    Hello Tommy. Your article on how to make a bookmarklet using jQuery has been awesome. It has been very neat and systematic, just what a beginner like me needed. I have got a lot of ideas about making a bookmarklet but I have been facing certain difficulties specially while using the $(“body”).append for multiple html statements, it shows a syntax error. Even the javascript code within the anchor tag is showing error, specially in the src of the URL link which I have given. Well the code I have used is a copy paste of your code. So I felt there is no one better than you to help me in running this code. Please do reply. Thank you in advance! :)