Things We Do

Things We Do is a visualized, folksonomy’d work task inventory. It allows for teams to list the things they do and see how these things interrelate, associate, and affect workload.

Confused? Just open it and click around. You’ll notice that when you click a tag, all things with that tag highlight… That’s the gist of it.

Anyway, It’s mostly useless but can be a sort of fun intranet-type-o-thing. If “work toy” is a coined term, consider it that.

Features and Plugin Credit

  • Powered by PHP, populated by MySQL, prettified with CSS, and crazified with JavaScript/jQuery
  • Iterate through tags with the left and right arrow keys
  • Modal windows! Woah!!
  • Uses jQuery’s masonry, autoResize, and tag suggestion plugins
  • CSS3 drop shadows and wacky :hover margin pushes
  • Uber minimal security

Mostly just for internal use, so not tested on a PC or any older browsers. Beware!


Download the Source

Internet, I release this unto you. It is entirely open source. Use it and modify it however you like… but attribution is cool and appreciated. Oh, it requires PHP5 (most probably, PHP4 untested) and MySQL, but you knew that, right?

Download: (12kb)
On GitHub:

See the included “readme.txt” on how to set up the database and change the CSS to fit your project. I’m happy to answer any casual questions, but I don’t have the time to offer any complex support on this one. Use at your own risk, etc.

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