My Name Is Tommy

My Name Is Tommy

My Name Is Tommy is a fun little “one page” site I made to serve the following bulleted purposes:

  • Make use of a seemingly valuable domain name I rashly purchased
  • Allow me a linking portal to boss types or potential clients who could be thrown off by this site’s self-deprecating, hopefully ironic name
  • Pay homage to my interest in the parallax scrolling of old school platform games
  • Show off my sweet hill drawing skillz


  • Four background layers, drawn with a pen in a sketchbook and colored/drop-shadowed in Photoshop:
    • Front row hills
    • Middle row hills
    • Back row hills
    • Sky and sun which ease into solid colors (try zooming way out in your browser)
  • Parallax scrolling done with jQuery animated background positions on those layers
  • The hills are semi-transparent PNG8s, which, in case you didn’t know, support alpha transparency just like PNG24 but at a fraction of the filesize (You’ll need Fireworks…)
  • Gracefully degrading, works without JavaScript
  • #hash anchor support, generated URLs work just mostly as you’d expect
  • PHP contact form with math captcha and a snazzy Google Voice widget
  • Progressive Rockwell / Century Gothic font stack
  • Fun opacity tricks
  • Matching favicon
  • A picture of me that’s, like, 5 years old but I’m pretty sure looks current but have been told does not


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