Droste Effect GIFs

I made these Droste effect animations and put them on the Something Else boards long, long ago…

An Infinite Loop of a Guy Inside His Own Mouth
An Infinite Loop of an Astronaut's Eyeball or Something
An Infinite Loop of David Letterman and a Picture of Himself
An Infinite Loop of Kids Looking at a Screen
An Infinite Loop of a Pretty Lady and a Crystal Ball

Some were Photoshop collabs. All were animated in Flash. Click on on them to see any pixels that may have gotten cut off. My head hurts…

  • kathleen

    HOW DID YOU DO THIS?!?!?!?
    i was wondering, could you please write something about how to do this and also how to do http://iamnotagoodartist.com/animation/a-3mb-animated-gif/ — that

    it would be very much appreciated


  • Mommy’s Nugs

    HAHA – This totally is my kids. They are trapped forever in a TV video feedback loop.