This Shit Happened on the Internet

this shit happened on the internet

Today’s episode of “This Shit Happened on the Internet” takes its dialogue from a forum conversation and features a guy named Michael, whom I totally didn’t trace.

  • Oh Tommy, you always make me laugh

  • Vince

    i like this idea

  • Higgs

    So after looking at this a bit longer, because I do love it, I thought to myself “Man Tommy that is a really bad self portrait”. I mean your head is no where near that round. Then I was thinking “Maybe Tommy was trying to make it some kind of ‘everyman'”, but I don’t think that was it either. After all that thinking and trying to figure out what Tommy was thinking I had a HUGE headache so I went to sleep.

    The moral of this story is this: Your drawings make me think too much but I don’t lose sleep over it.

  • tommy

    i think it’s just that i’m an exceptionally bad artist…