Woah, buddy, I haven’t posted on here in awhile. What have I been working on? I’ll tell you!

We used to have this game on the Something Else forums where we’d collectively write a cheesy romance story, with each person contributing a new line or paragraph. It was pretty fun. A month or so ago, friend/colleague Kris Knight had the idea to make a whole site dedicated to such a peculiar activity. I volunteered to help.

With that, we give you:

Hi-Res IMG

Here’s how it works, from our “About” page:

Every week, we will start a new story, giving the readers the first paragraph. Past that, it’s up to you. Log in, read up, write a new contribution, and wait for someone else to follow your lead.

The site runs on WordPress but is definitely more complex than anything else I’ve made with the blogging platform. The theme we made formats the posts and comments so they all run together cohesively, unlike a traditional blog. The comment (or, as we call them, contribution) details are hidden using Prototype JavaScript, a first for me. I also used multiple loops within the index page to display the latest news above the story of the week.

This site is also cool because it’s the first project I’ve done where I haven’t gone out of my way to support Internet Explorer 6. Without going off into a rant, for those not savvy to the internet, coercing your site to work on IE6 is possible, but extremely difficult and limiting. We decided to take a stand and be lazy and not support it.

Here’s a video promo Kris made about IRYN: Promo Gold from Kris Knight on Vimeo.

And I think that’s it. Go take a look and contribute, if you dare. We really hope this thing takes off.

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