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iamnotagoodartist 3.0

I switched out my site’s theme last weekend. Here’s a rundown of iamnotagoodartist’s history, with obligatory decimal points in version numbers… Continue reading


The torch for this project has been passed to another developer, but continue reading for my initial thoughts on creating it… My latest project is called OneFileCMS and, as its name suggests, is a one file content management system. Oh, … Continue reading


Sh-witter is a Twitter-powered service for friends, family, and complete strangers to share the recently voided contents of their bowels with one another through the exchange of quick, frequent text messages. Continue reading

The Texas Link

Latest gig: http://thetexaslink.com/ Neat things in this theme: Serif fonts Cowboy hats Radial gradients Texas!

The New Movement Theater

The New Movement Theater is an improv and stand-up workshop venue in Austin, TX, run by Chris Trew and Tami Nelson. This is actually the third incarnation of TNM’s site. The first was somebody else’s design and static code. The … Continue reading


Glad I decided to drop a little color onto the scan. In other news, I’ve been busy with some WordPress coding/designing gigs, which I’ll blog about soon. Sorry I haven’t been posting as much!


After a couple months of work and a last minute (but much needed) hosting switch, my latest project has been unleashed upon the internet. Say hello to Studio8.net’s brand new, WordPress-powered site: http://www.studio8.net/


A t-shirt design I made for my gf last night. From this original, blurry pic of her cat, Remi:

Purple and Red

Named so for lack of a better idea. Drawn with ink, colored with Photoshop.

Beeftrain 2.0

I’ve updated the old Beeftrain Incident site to run on WordPress, lovingly dubbing it “Beeftrain 2.0.” It comes complete with an index page video box (a la the P! Company), an organized video category listing, non-IE-compliant PNG drop shadows, and … Continue reading