iamnotagoodartist 3.0

I switched out my site’s theme last weekend. Here’s a rundown of iamnotagoodartist’s history, with obligatory decimal points in version numbers:


iamnotagoodartist 1.0

June 07 to April 08

Drawn in Flash, haphazardly thrown together as I learned how much the internet had changed since I was in junior high. The first post was on June 6th, 2007, when I was but a lowly computer lab attendant at my old college’s library.


iamnotagoodartist 2.0

April 08 to October 09

A little more friendly than the first version, iamnotagoodartist 2.0 was rebuilt with an image-less, monotone theme and a widgetized sidebar. Still nothing fancy, but definitely a step up in terms of 2.0 functionality.


iamnotagoodartist 3.0

October 09 to ???

What you’re looking at now! CSS built entirely from scratch. XHTML probably unrecognizable from its framework.

Version 3.0 Features:

  • Masthead banner featuring yours truly(s)
  • Prettier, more functional front page with multiple post queries, obligatory “About Me” text, and a contact form
  • jQuery-powered portfolio pulled dynamically from blog posts rather than hard-coded
  • New logo, favicon, font, branding
  • Super SEO’d header tags on front page, archives, and single post pages
  • Gracefully degrading CSS sprite dates
  • Things I Like (Tumblr-style) category for external links on front page
  • Utilitarian theme served for IE6 users with a giant warning telling them to upgrade
  • Prettier archive listings
  • Ads and a “Please turn off adblock” message for those like me who don’t like ads
  • Validating XHTML (sans YouTube embeds)

Lastly, why am I not the #1 search result for “I am not a good artist“? That is weak, Google. That is weak. Get crackin.

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