I made this WordPress site for some friends’ webisode series. From their Kickstarter page:

Delivery” is a 6-episode short comedy series featuring the exchange of money for goods between George and his customers in one late night shift. At least that’s the goal. Honestly, some of these people have more on their mind than paying the pizza boy…

Nerd Notes

  • Gracefully degrading CSS3 multiple backgrounds, element rotation, and @font-face
  • An assortment of drop shadows and other little lighting effects
  • YouTube integration with automatic embeds and thumbnail pulling using WordPress custom fields
  • Sliding widget panels and calls-to-action with jQuery
  • Handwriting font from the Google Font Directory
  • Future-dated posts for episodes not yet out but in the navigation
  • Opacity :hover states
  • Super simple custom lightbox on the Cast page
  • Semi-transparent PNGs
  • Pizza favicon
  • No IE6 workarounds for regrettably purposeful terribleness
  • Used my mockup overlay technique to match the PSD


(Yes, I realize that the series just ended and I’ve had this site done for more than six weeks, and I’m sorry… I’ve been really busy? [Blogger guilt.])

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