This project didn’t take off like I wanted it to and Italian domain names are expensive… So I let it die. If you have any interest in taking its reigns, contact me. (pronounced “big image it”) is an image embed applet for putting big images in not-so-big spaces, like on blogs or websites with fixed widths.

Tech Pitch: Give the URL to a tall/wide/awkardly-sized image, and it returns the HTML for an iFrame of that image cropped to dimensions you set and panning/zooming via JavaScript.
Lay Pitch: Put big images in small places.

Nerd Stuff

Currently a Minimum Viable Prdouct, still has a couple key features on the roadmap… assuming there’s any interest in it. If you’ve got any feedback or have a bug to report, please contact me or leave a comment on this post. Thanks!


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