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Trading Stickers with Google

I sent in for some free stickers from Gmail awhile ago, giving them one of mine in return. Yesterday, they posted a blog entry setting a deadline for requests with some pics of the stuff they’ve gotten in return. Look … Continue reading

iamnotagoodartist Stickers

My fantastic girlfriend made me these iamnotagoodartist robot stickers for her flexography class. They are from a design I drew in Flash, are three inches in diameter, and very well may be the best stickers ever printed. Want some? Contact … Continue reading


Drawn with a pen, colored with a wacom pen. In other news, it may interest you to know I now have an image portfolio and critiques of it are welcome.


Just practicing.

Bears, Burgers, Bugs, Bots, etc

I think it’s all pretty self explanatory.


I made myself a sketchpad the other day from some index cards my girlfriend gave me and some curious book binding glue stuff my mom gave me. It’s pretty rad. I’m gonna keep it in my back pocket and try … Continue reading

WireBot v0.1

Hey! I got myself a scanner! Hey! I scanned this! It’s the super secret design schematics to a super secret robot figure I was/am planning to make some of later this summer, and you can click it to make it … Continue reading

Robusteza Verde

If ever you can’t think of a worthy name for something, just use the interweb to find out how to say it in a different language. First class all the way, captain.

More and More…

A Picture of Me If I Were a Robot

This would be my self-portrait if I were a yellow robot. Yes, of course, I would have a screen on my chest. Yes, no doubt, I would have a row of red Walkman buttons below it. Click the pic to … Continue reading