Passing the OneFileCMS Torch

It’s the nature of making that, as time goes on and mental bandwidth throttles, some projects must fall by the wayside. OneFileCMS, my first project to get any real attention, is one of them.

That’s why I’m so glad to say that I’m passing the torch to another developer. David is a smart, talented gent and (if his git commits to the project are any indication) is the perfect guy to take over OneFileCMS.

His repo:

Thank you, David!

  • Josh Stauffer

    Just asked this very question on your first OneFileCMS post. Bummed to see you pass on it. I noticed it has a different license now though.

  • rocktronica

    Thanks, it’s really all for the better, to be honest. I’m really happy with what David’s doing to it. New license it much better too!