Tommy and the Tommies

Well, folks, Tommy and the Tommies was last night, and I think I’d deem it a success. There were a couple mess-ups and we barely got the tech working, but I think it all worked out.

For those not in the know, Tommy and the Tommies was a music concert / performance art piece where I played guitar and sang while being backed by a virtual band of Tommies projected onto screens behind me. In between the songs were music videos, a cartoon, and other miscellaneous weirdness.

I’d like to thank everyone who came and everyone who helped. It really was the perfect number of people there, and I couldn’t have done it without my friends and girlfriend helping me. Much love.

Some pictures my awesome mom took:

Lastly, the MP3s from the concert will be available shortly. Some of them still need a little tweaking, but I’ll have them up within the next week. The videos from the performance will be edited and uploaded soon too. Stay tuned.

  • Yeah, that was a really great show. I was thinking of playing “Scott is a big fat fuck (and a fucking piece of shit [u motherfuckers]). The 3-part harmonies are fucking awesome.