Gimme Some Tunes

On a pretty regular basis at work, I have a conversation with my co-worker about money, how we like it, how we need it, and different ways we can get more of it without becoming drug dealers or flesh peddlers.

Today’s conversation led to the creation of this:


It uses an old Google trick and some JavaScript to search for MP3s and WMAs with your specified keywords in open directories naively left open and without index files.

So how are the results?

Largely, unimpressive.

It turns out that most people have gotten hip to this trick, so there are fewer people leaving their online music folders unprotected. It also turns out that clever capitalists have made websites that appear to be open directories but are actually adware/splog/badness sites, often with permalinking to make pages have mp3 extensions.

I’ve gone through and tried to remove as many of them as I could from the results, but, like most things on the internet, it’s impossible to clean it up completely.

So, anyway, I decided the output wasn’t good enough to warrant the lunch money for the domain I parked for it. There are sites already online that do this sort of thing, and my version is, arguably, slightly better than them, since it filters out some of the bad apples, but it’s still not quite good enough for me.

It’s okay, though, for what it is. If you think it’s useful or have any input, let me know.

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