Necessity is the mother of invention and the prerequisite to my latest project.

Say hello to Floyd, a web application for storing text on the cloud. Basically, it’s like a piece of paper, except it’s on the internet.

From the About page:

I spend a lot of time on the internet, in a lot of different places, through a lot of different interfaces. Common to all these instances is a need to store important information in the simplest way possible and have it be just as easily retrieved from anywhere else…

Floyd is my own solution to that need. It is simply a box of text that saves to and restores from a server. Its interface is minimal, its usefulness ample.

Could it be useful for you too? Probably! Is it worth the time? Possibly!


Floyd is written in PHP and jQuery/JavaScript and is currently Version 1 point something, with upgrades planned for down the road. It will be kept alive for as long as people use it. Suggestions and feedback appreciated!

Link: http://floyd.iamnotagoodartist.com/

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