SiteCycler – A Slideshow for Websites


Allow me to introduce SiteCycler, a digital signage web application for realtime website display. I’ll let its home page do the talking:

Think of it like an online Powerpoint where all the slides are live embeds of other websites. It’s perfect for kiosk displays and superfluous lobby monitors, anywhere you’ve got a screen and a collection of sites you need to cycle through.

Granted, yes, it’s a niche application, but it’s a real niche and this is a real solution.


  • Data stored in URL, no signup/login required
  • Variable, optional iteration rate and site refresh
  • Randomization
  • URL regex validation hints
  • Keyboard arrow navigation

Tech Miscellanea

  • Written in PHP and JavaScript, heavy lifting in jQuery
  • Pictos icons by Drew Wilson
  • Minimal, MVP styling
  • Matching AdSense ads, even though I’m sure this won’t break even

Origins and Future

Development for SiteCycler funded by my former employer, Center for Media Design.

I’ve put the source on GitHub and GPL licensed it. Gimme a holler if you need more info or find it a good use.

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