PowerThirst MySpace

PowerThirst is one of the two bands from the Young Musician’s Club this summer. They’re metal. They’re scary.

Here’s the logo and MySpace I made for them: http://www.myspace.com/powerthirstwillmeltyourface

Right now, it’s all dummy text and the CSS is pristine. Depending on when you visit and how much they alter things, it may or may not look anything like these images.

Higher Res

The crowning achievement for this one is the use of semi-transparent PNGs in floating DIVs to splatter “kool-aid” on top of the content. Super classy.

Higher Res

This is actually the first MySpace layout I’ve made entirely from scratch, CSS and all. I’m pretty proud of myself. It works in all major browsers and systems, including IE6, which I can’t believe people are still using because it’s a complete piece of garbage.

I’ve got a couple more to make for YMC and a buddy of mine. I’ll post them as I finish them.

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