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The Young Musician’s Club is a not-for-profit summer program for teenage rock musicians here in Muncie. Now in its third year, the program gets young, aspiring musicians together to socialize and start bands, all in a safe, structured environment where they can hone their craft. It’s run by the guy who owns the Launching Pad, the venue where I had my Tommies show, and is ended there each summer with a concert exhibiting all the new bands.

This is my second year working with the group. It’s been my job to maintain the club’s website, take pictures of the bands, help them develop their imagery and online persona (like, you know, MySpace), and then film the final concert and make DVDs for the kids.

I’ve been fiddling with the site for awhile now, fixing bugs and such, but just recently decided it was good enough to really show people.

The big push this year was making the whole thing run on WordPress, instead of the old school, static HTML site I made last year.

I used WordPress Naked, a minimalist, skeleton WP theme, as a starting point, then merged it with the CSS and images created for last year’s site (archived here). Plugin props to Cleaner WordPress Gallery for helping to tame the WP gallery beast.


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