What Page of Google Am I On?

What Page of Google Am I On?

It’s called “What Page of Google Am I On?” and is an SEO tool and web application for determining where a site ranks for a given query in Google.

Let’s say that you sell propane and propane accessories. Your website is “propanetownville.com. You put “propane accessories” (no quotes) into the keyword(s) box, “propanetownville.com” into the URL box, and submit. If none of the first page of 10 results links to your site, the next 10 are queried, and so on and so on until your listing is found or the results are exhausted. Repeat to your heart’s content!

All of this is magically accomplished with jQuery‘s AJAX function and a secret dash of PHP. Oh, the cleverness of me! Muhaha!

Notable notations of note:

  • Almost entirely coded in OneFileCMS, save for some more complex find-and-replacing for Google’s CSS
  • IE6 Update script (More obligatory than necessary, especially with an unfortunately less savvy SEO demographic)
  • Validating XHMTL
  • Ads and a “Buy me a coffee” PayPal button (cuz billz don’t be paying themselves, yo)
  • Share widget borrowed from OneFileCMS
  • Single page layout with a custom, jQ-positioned modal window for “About” text
  • CSS3 rounded corners
  • Century Gothic (aka best font ever)

Link: http://whatpageofgoogleamion.com/

  • Kinda cool but missing some things there,

    Think i could make it better cos i made something similar but it comes with even a graphical representation.

    Hey common am not trying to be smart just wanna help………..

    Any COOL

    and am gonna buy u a coffee anytime soon..

  • This is a very helpful application. It will save me a great deal of time tracking my site’s progress.
    Thanks very much for making this available.

    J Glen

  • tommy

    @ J Glen

    Thanks! Glad you liked it.

  • Bob

    I think it might be broken. Looks like google is saying its an automated script and not allowing it to run.

  • BobS

    It’s broken. Google is posting an error (or an intercept?)

  • Drive By


    Cool tool, but if your website ends up in the search result “teaser” of a search result then the tool returns a false positive.


  • Not working =(

  • I hope that one time we can say oh working

  • Great Tool, it has saved me time when checking all of my keywords. I just wish it worked more often.

  • rubel

    Hello Tonmoy,
    I like your works.
    I want to make a http://whatpageofgoogleamion.com/ similar site
    your http://whatpageofgoogleamion.com/ is checking google ranking but I want google, yahoo and amazon in mine.

    I hope you understand me.
    Please let me know the price for this.


  • Tommy, this tool is great.

    I think you should create this tool for local google listings as well, i.e. google.es or google.com.au or .co.uk etc..

    Many, if not most local business owners, are more concerned with their ranking on the local search (And rightfully so).

    If this is done, I’m sure your site will get tons more hits and this will be a virtual revolution in tracking your site..

    Please contact me if you’re interested and perhaps I can also assist you with this project.

  • A really nice tool but doesn’t always work?

  • Been using that tool to track the progress of my keywords and it’s really nice.
    Much better than manually checking each page for each keywords, when you have over 10 hahah

  • Useful tool but only work for first 10 pages of google :(

  • I love this tool! I graduate this Spring for Web Publishing, and am loving this tool you made! My passion is in SEO.. So Terrific!!! Can’t wait for the local version and the 100 pages!!

  • Thanks, great tool! Do you have an eta when we’ll be able to search beyond the first ten pages? Please let me know when you do, I’d love to check it out :)

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Seems to be working and it’s a great little tool this one, very effective.

    When is a search beyond the first 10 pages coming?

    Also I assume that Google local/proximity search is not factored in, for instance one of my searches is number one on my local Google page, but via this page number two. It’s a small thing, but would be cool if you could specify location.

  • REALLY sad this site is not working today when I went to use it! This is a GREAT tool – please keep it running for us!


  • Many kudos on what page of google am i on. I love it. Is there a way to access it programatically?

  • Can this be turned into a small button 20px by 30px that I can simply click and get the response Page 5

    Let me know if possible.

    I have a ton of sites I am ranking for and I have a page that uses the GAPI to load the charts it would be nice to see what page i rank on also.