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AdBlock Detection with JavaScript / jQuery Update

(Yo! This is an update to my Show a Message to AdBlock Users with jQuery / JavaScript post, which I don’t think works anymore!)

Dead Simple PHP Maintenance Lock Out

Here’s a quick and dirty way to lock people out of viewing your PHP site while you’re working on it. Put this in a base file or at the top of any page that you don’t want rendered. [php][/php] You … Continue reading

Semi-Transparent Mockup Overlays with CSS / jQuery UI

I recently needed to convert some PSDs to HTML/CSS with pretty high accuracy, that is, the finished webpages needed to look very close to their original mockups. As is customary nerd style, I wrote some code to help me do … Continue reading

Auto-Hiding “Back to Top” Link with jQuery

A common usability feature on a lot of sites is a “Back to top” link at the bottom of long pages, allowing users to quickly get back to the start of the document without scrolling.

Show a Message to AdBlock Users with jQuery / JavaScript

Hey! I’ve written another quick method to detect AdBlock that works better than this one, I think. I’m leaving this one for posterity.

WordPress: Excluding Categories on Secondary Front Pages

More precisely, this tutorial covers how to exclude categories on paged front pages, index.php, beyond the first default listing. Excluding certain categories from the front page is a pretty easy task, just use the query_posts() function to remove those categories … Continue reading

WordPress: How to Sort Category Archive Posts by Subcategory

By default, WordPress sorts posts in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post being at the top and the least recent at the bottom. Normally, that’s totally cool, since that’s the way we’ve been accustomed to reading blogs, but … Continue reading