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The Young Musician’s Club WordPress Site

The Young Musician’s Club is a not-for-profit summer program for teenage rock musicians here in Muncie. Now in its third year, the program gets young, aspiring musicians together to socialize and start bands, all in a safe, structured environment where … Continue reading

The P! Company

Good news, everyone! This week marks the launch of the new website I made for the P! Company, a sketch comedy group from Austin, Texas. Their previous site ran on WordPress, like this one, so I jumped at the opportunity … Continue reading

iamnotagoodartist 2.0

For those who care, the new theme has been installed and the WordPress software has been updated to the most recent release. I’ve installed some plug-ins to help share posts and get notified if someone responds to your comments. Please … Continue reading

Updating! Huzzahs!!

I’ll be updating the site this weekend, changing the theme to something a little cleaner and more Web 2.0, whatever that means. If something weird happens when you visit or things don’t look right, don’t fret, the theme ought to … Continue reading