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Simple, yet surprisingly satisfying. I’m drinking tons of coffee and settling in for a long weekend of work, trying to get the new Beeftrain site launched by Monday. More info on that and the other projects I’ve been working on … Continue reading

Arrow Quilt

Laying down some ink in the moleskine my brother got me for Christmas.


Drawn with a pen, colored with a wacom pen. In other news, it may interest you to know I now have an image portfolio and critiques of it are welcome.

Bears, Burgers, Bugs, Bots, etc

I think it’s all pretty self explanatory.


I made myself a sketchpad the other day from some index cards my girlfriend gave me and some curious book binding glue stuff my mom gave me. It’s pretty rad. I’m gonna keep it in my back pocket and try … Continue reading

Guy with Tie by Hills

Just experimenting with coloring quick sketches in Photoshop. It’s not quite as satisfying as breaking out the Crayolas, but it gets the job done. Also, drawing hills is funny because sometimes it looks like butts.

Poorly Drawn Hands

Some poorly drawn hands I drew while at the laundromat a week or two ago. Blogging is hard. It’s hot. Ugghhh.

Some Bears I Drew Today

And a tracing:

WireBot v0.1

Hey! I got myself a scanner! Hey! I scanned this! It’s the super secret design schematics to a super secret robot figure I was/am planning to make some of later this summer, and you can click it to make it … Continue reading

I Think He Likes You

Although it’s probably more like “I think it likes you.” You know. The whole robot thing.